Where Are They Now? Mystery Alumnus

This post is part of an occasional series focusing on Leadership Development Academy graduates and what they have done, personally and professionally, in the years following their LDA experience. Please contact us if you would like to be profiled here, or would like to recommend a graduate for us to feature.

This inspiring alum hails from the graduating class of 2006, and this is WHERE SHE IS NOW! Who is she?

HINT: She recently started a book club with and for her team.


Although she is a well-respected leader in our community herself, this 2006 alum is inspired by the many strong and selfless women in our community. In fact, if she could shadow just one local person for a week she would be thrilled to spend some time following and observing the great Kelli Cameron.

What inspires our feature alum the most about Kelli is her great energy and her intentional actions in leadership, stating, Kelli is “like seasoning, she’s everywhere.” Flavoring our world no doubt.

A Closer Look

While she brings a positive and empowering outlook to her career, she also brings fun and beauty to the world outside as well. She enjoys warm weather activities such as gardening, flowers, and motorcycle rides-no wonder her favorite local event is the Gran Prix!

She and her husband have also taken up a new hobby recently, and have been enjoying the world of wine tasting. Although she has the skills and experience on a powerful bike, she is still riding the wine circuit with training wheels … mostly enjoying the sweeter tannins.

If you see her cruising along, chances are she is jamming to some of her favorite artists including; The Foo Fighters, Pink, Gwen Stefani, Queen, Bob Seger, Bon Jovi, Alanis Morissette, Bruce Springsteen, Dixie Chicks, Zac Brown Band, Keith Urban, or Pistol Annies.

Mystery Alum Clue #2


You might be surprised to learn that her current career, although she has no plans to change, was not her only dream. As she has worked her way through the years she has found herself wishing she had studied Mortuary Science, as a way to help bring the best possible experience to others during the hardest phase of life.

As a lifelong learner, she has further educational aspirations that would include fields of study such as leadership and relationships. Her future goals include continuing to grow and spending time traveling.


As an actively involved LDA alumnus, proud member of her church congregation, former nonprofit leader, and volunteer for Rock River Recovery Network, this amazing lady understands the importance of community and volunteerism.

She volunteers her service to United Way Blackhawk Region, serving as a United Way Campaign Committee member. She lives her life with passion and dreams of leaving the world a better place by helping people to achieve their greatest potential.

Having been raised by parents who were very involved she has continued on the legacy of stewardship, instilling this important quality in her children. Her daughter, Grace, once held a fundraiser in elementary school for her birthday to help raise money for others. She was active in Girl Scouts and championed a mission to help provide backpacks filled with necessities to homeless individuals whom she befriended.

Her son, Ty, is a dedicated Eagle Scout who once completed a sizable landscaping project for his church. She and her husband have both coached sports teams, have been scout leaders, volunteered at school, and taught their children the importance of giving back.

Mystery Alum Clue #3

LDA Reflections

When asked about her LDA experience and the impact it has had on her life and career, she replies first with a beaming smile. Her fondest memories are of her team. She recalls each of them by name, along with many others from her class of 2006, also including the many alumni that have joined the LDA team along the way. She coins LDA as “the six degrees of Kevin Bacon in Rock County”, my favorite quote of the interview.

If she could choose a community project to help out our community today she would love to see an alumni project that helps to address mental illness and more involvement in the schools. She is proud to know her LDA team and considers them friends.

If you guessed this alumnus to be Jean Randles, then you are correct!