The LDA Program

The Leadership Development Academy of Rock County is an opportunity to learn about our local history, economy, arts and government. Realize your potential to make a difference in your community!

About LDA

The Leadership Development Academy was founded in 2003 by a group of public- and private-sector leaders and organizations who saw a need for leadership training and community engagement in order to make Rock County a better place to live, work, and play.

Our Mission

To inspire leaders to build and strengthen our community.

Our Vision

To be a premier leadership organization that will empower leaders to create a better place to live.

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Guiding Principles & Core Values


We provide excellent learning opportunities to continuously strengthen our community.


We create a fun environment that teaches organizational and communication skills through networking and mentorship.


We value individual initiative and innovation driven by quality, vision and results.


We believe in bringing attention to the diversity of the community.


We value developing respectful and responsible leaders.


We value and respect a diverse organization that promotes unity.

LDA Class of 2016-17
Without a doubt, LDA has awarded me the pleasure to work with talented, passionate, and engaging leaders here in Rock County. Connecting with all the awesome people in this program has been the best part of the experience, as well as collaborating with them to make our community work better.

Nathan Fuller

LDA Class of 2016-17

Curriculum overview

Leadership Development Academy participants experience formal leadership training, extensive Real Colors development, stress management, self-awareness as a leader, enhanced networking, expanded community exposure and involvement, and team building with a final team project.

Topics covered during sessions:

  • Active Shooter Training
  • Civic Responsibilities
  • Community Awareness
  • Crisis Communication
  • Diversity Awareness
  • Economic Development
  • Fundraising
  • Image & Volunteerism
  • Introduction to Marketing & Branding
  • Networking Skills
  • Problem Solving & Decision Making
  • Project Management
  • Public Sector Leadership
  • Public Speaking
  • Real Colors Leadership Development
  • Time Management

Important dates & info

Sessions are a full day, once a month, for nine (9) months. The first week in September requires two days; one for orientation and one for a ropes course retreat.

Program history

Jamie Karns

Meet the facilitator

Jamie Karns was named the Executive Director and Program Facilitator of the Leadership Development Academy of Rock County on Aug. 1, 2022. She is passionate about the organization's mission.