September 2017 Session Recap: Orientation & Retreat

Members of Team Mosaic, Class of 2017-18
Members of Team Mosaic, Class of 2017-18

This post was written by Team Mosaic, made up of LDA 2017-18 participants Colleen Curtis-Trappe, Blackhawk Community Credit Union; Bryan Whitehead, Nowlan & Mouat LLP; Heather Dobson, Corporate Contractors, Inc.; Will Chatman, Community Action; Derick Brunton, Town of Beloit and Sara Helgeson, City of Janesville.

Day 1

The Leadership Development Academy Class of 2017-18’s 30 participants met Sept. 7, 2017 at Prent Corporation located at 2225 Kennedy Road for Day One of orientation.

We were welcomed by Linda Ross, Executive Director of LDA; Jennie Krajeck, LDA Board Chair; along with a few other past participants, Joel Chappelle and Brian Anderson all offered insight on their experiences and past projects with the program.

We learned that success is not always measured through a completed project, but through the journey the group experiences. Joel Chappelle and Brian Anderson will also be mentors to the 2017-18 group.

Prent Corp. History & Tour

Mitch Benson of Prent Corp. provides a history lesson
Mitch Benson of Prent Corp. provides a history lesson

Mitch Benson, SVP of Manufacturing, gave the history of Prent Corporation. We are fortunate to have the globally awarded headquarters right here in Janesville Wisconsin.

The group split for plant tours. Our tour witnessed efficiently run lines and was told about Prent Corporation’s efforts and benefits of being a green organization.

Real Colors

Prior to Mitch Benson’s tour, Linda Ross outlined “Real Colors.” Real Colors is a research tool that will provide insight to those participating. The series of questions provide and measure answers to provide tools to help better communicate with people based on their viewpoint/personality. It is interesting and fun to align the colors to one’s personality.

Day 2

September 2017 session

Our second day was spent at the Outdoor Wisconsin Leadership School (OWLS) in Fontana, Wisconsin.

As a group, we participated in some warm up exercises than broke off into two groups to master the obstacles on the top of the hill. The obstacles offered each of us opportunities to push through our comfort zone. It was encouraging to be surrounded by others working together to achieve, overcome and conquer one’s fear.

Our group offered our OWLS leader, Addie, some challenging moments. One must be very specific when dealing with orange personalities. Group direction was outlined with what the end result should be. Struggles occurred, but in the end our group successfully broke the camp records with the crate tower and the fire rescue.

Below are some photos displaying how our teamwork achieved success: