December 2023 Session Recap

December 2023 Session Recap (2)

This post was written by LDA Class of 2023-2024 The Impacters Team: Jenny Loveless of Clinton Community School District; Carlos Martinez of Angi Energy Systems; Kelli Buck of Prent Corporation; Hannah Davila of GIFTS Men’s Shelter; Chayce Howard of Beloit Memorial High School; Ellen James of Corporate Contractors Inc.; and Michelle Penny of Beloit Health Systems.

December’s topics included meeting with Blain’s Farm and Fleet owner and CEO Jane Blain Gilbertson, Human Resources Panel, Real Leadership, Child Care Action Plan with Drew Pennington GBED, and a Marketing Panel

December 2023 Session Recap (1)

Learning about Blain’s Farm & Fleet

Our session began with an introduction to Jane Blain Gilbertson, a dynamic, compassionate, and experienced leader who shared the history of Blain’s Farm and Fleet. Later, we were privileged to get a tour of the entire facility and learned more about how the organization runs. Staff could not say enough positive things about Jane Blain Gilbertson and how wonderful it is to work at Blain’s Farm and Fleet.

Human Resources Panel

Another highlight of the session was a Human Resources Panel with three individuals who work in HR. They were able to share their advice, learning, and recommendations with us as business professionals working within Rock County. One main topic discussed was the shortage of workers and how keeping staff is becoming increasingly difficult for all employers. Many ideas were shared to address these types of issues and more!

Real Leadership Discussion

Next, we engaged in a Real Leadership discussion and activity. We all participated in a game of Catch Phrase. This unique pursuit enabled LDA members to further understand and give credence to the significance of high quality communication.

December 2023 Session Recap (4)

Child Care Action Plan

We also heard from Drew Pennington GBED who explained the Child Care Action Plan for Beloit. There is a tremendous shortage of child care facilities within Beloit and the surrounding areas. Action is required in order to ensure child safety and that parents can gain access to employment opportunities.

December 2023 Session Recap (5)

Marketing Panel Featuring LDA Grads

Lastly, there was a marketing panel. Participants were LDA grads and shared their knowledge and expertise when asked a series of predetermined questions. After their presentation, the panel participants were able to work directly with LDA participant groups in order to help them with their final project. This time was highly valuable to the LDA teams and came at a timely moment in their LDA journey.