Congratulations LDA Class of 2017

LDA Class of 2016-17

Congratulations LDA Class of 2017 Congratulations to the Leadership Development Academy Class of 2017!  Five team projects, 28 graduating LDA participants and ten really great sessions; resulting in changed lives and a better community.  I couldn’t be more proud of the participants and the effort they put forth this year.   Project Presentations and Graduation We … Read more

April 2017: Volunteering and Mini-Projects

Volunteering can change your life and the lives of others. The Leadership Development Academy class learned all about that from our panel of experts, then were able to put what they learned into practice.

March 2017: Public Speaking & Active Shooter Training

March 2017 Tactical EMS Training Center

What do public speaking, a leadership game, an organization that helps clients with disabilities, an FBI agent, active shooter training and emergency medical procedures have in common?

February 2017: Marketing and Branding

LDA Group Tour

Marketing and branding surrounds us everyday and affects many decisions we make. Knowing about them can help us make better decisions and influence others. Meeting at ANGI Energy Systems for our February session was outstanding.

January 2017: Homelessness, Poverty & Diversity

January 2017 Homelessness Speaker

Homelessness, poverty and diversity. Tough problems. What is being done to help with these issues? Can the Leadership Development Academy make a difference or are the problems too big?

December 2016: Leadership, Networking & Fundraising

December 2016 Leadership Panel

How would you define “leadership”? Does a leader ever doubt they are a leader? Who inspires you? How do you network? How should we go about fundraising?

November 2016 Session: Economic Development

LDA CLass of 2016-17 November session

Have you ever wondered what economic development is all about? What does it take to bring a company to Rock County? How many agencies are involved? What is the process? What is the timeline? Is Rock County ready to welcome new businesses?