Youth Services Center Improvements

Each Leadership Development Academy of Rock County participant works with a small group of their fellow class members to plan and execute a collaborative project that addresses a community need. These projects and their results are presented each May and serve as the program's capstone experience.

Youth Services Center Improvements

We will be working on improving three rooms at Youth Services Center (YSC) to provide kids who are part of the ACTIONS program a constructive outlet and an ability to earn time in the room for good behavior.

The project will include: painting the walls of the big room and at least two of the smaller rooms; adding more seating in the big room to facilitate visits and program instruction; converting two small rooms – one into a meditation/mindfulness sanctuary and another into a reading room with a small library; painting a mural in the big room and (tentatively) a smaller one in the meditation room; adding a ping pong table, board games, card games, an arts activity center, and the like.

The goal is to provide the kids something to earn for good behavior, and once they’re in the space provide them with constructive, thoughtful, and healthy outlets for their energy.

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Team members & employers

Ryan Benton, Thrivent Financial
Ashley Daskam, Beloit Health Systems
Mariah Smitala, Hedberg Public Library
Michael Parille, Rock County Facilities
Stephanie Lawton, First National Bank and Trust
Lisa Petersen, Agrace Hospice Care