Each Leadership Development Academy of Rock County participant works with a small group of their fellow class members to plan and execute a collaborative project that addresses a community need. These projects and their results are presented each May and serve as the program's capstone experience.

Mission: To establish, a one-stop website that links people to all that Janesville has to offer, from retail, government, entertainment, community, education, dining and business to the most recent news and weather. Through this website, residents and newcomers alike will minimize their search for Janesville information and maximize all that is available to them. By offering a site that links Janesville to people in an organized manner, the community has the ability to communicate efficiently and achieve connectedness which promotes increased awareness, increased community participation, and added value to all aspects of our community.

Vision: Establish a partnership with contributors who are invested in the growth and development of Janesville, WI in a way that keeps this project current and growing for years to come. This website will support itself through advertising and technical support from existing businesses and educational agencies in our area.

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Daeng Jelinek
Wendy Hansing
Haichen Dong
Jane McCauley
Lori Stottler