Caring Hands; Healing Hearts

Each Leadership Development Academy of Rock County participant works with a small group of their fellow class members to plan and execute a collaborative project that addresses a community need. These projects and their results are presented each May and serve as the program's capstone experience.

Caring Hands; Healing Hearts

The St. Elizabeth’s skilled nursing facility has provided long-term care in Janesville since 1956. St. Elizabeth’s primary mission is to provide care on a long-term basis in a home-like atmosphere so they get to know their residents and families. The 46 bed facility has a long waiting list and many residents spend years in the comfortable, supportive environment. However, the long-term care status of the residents and the low reimbursements received from Medicare and Medicaid for this type of care creates a challenging environment for the nursing home to continue with their current financial model. St. Elizabeth’s is currently examining various nursing care options that will enable them to create sustainability and support their mission of long-term care. Our leadership project involved working with St. Elizabeth’s to assess referral source needs and the community perception of skilled nursing facilities.

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Team members & employers

April Driver, Happy House Liquor
Patty Haggerty, Data Dimensions
AmyJo Kenevan-Ruthe, St. Mary’s Janesville Hospital
Kurt Krueger, School District of Janesville
Steve Wanninger, City of Janesville