January 2023 Session Recap

This post was written by LDA Class of 2022-2023 Team Local Leaders members: Jaxon Lee, Milton High School; Roy Carrasco, Janesville Police Department; Nick Varda, ANGI Energy Systems; Madysen Wade, Greater Beloit Chamber of Commerce; Ishanti Harris, NAMI; Brian Muehlenkamp, SSI Technologies; and Lindsey Baumann, Beloit Health System.

January 2023 Session Recap (2)
Panel discussion with Oakleigh Ryan from Whiton House, Kathy Hansen from KANDU Industries, and LeAnn Jones from Beloit Police

January’s topic was based on Leadership, Networking and Fundraising

This session started out with Dave Hiller speaking about leadership and the impact it has on your team and your organization. We then went into a Leadership Panel that consisted of Oakleigh Ryan from Whiton House, Kathy Hansen from KANDU Industries, and LeAnn Jones from Beloit Police.

This panel touched on mentorship involving your purpose for the organization, and how you got to where you are. These leaders also spoke on the importance of focusing on your strengths and highlighting that doubt is an opportunity to learn. Every community is different and requires a different level of compassion. Just make sure you have fun while you’re doing it!

Another contributing factor to knowing your community is to know your people. Make sure you listen to them, know their passion and never settle.

January 2023 Session Recap (1)
Participating in the Real Colors Leadership Circle activity

Next in the day we did a Real Colors Leadership Circle. This worksheet and class discussion focused on the areas of your life you feel strongly towards in relation to your color you were assigned at the beginning of LDA.

This gave us thought into how our groups are dynamic and ever changing with each and every person. One person may carry these skills while another does not.

January 2023 Session Recap (3)
Panel of fundraising professionals

Another component of our day involved a panel of individuals from all types of organizations. They started by speaking from experience on how to give.

This means showing how the funds will be used and be completely transparent. Following up with organizations or individuals to show what they were used for which instills credibility and accountability. Touching on forming a relationship with the company you are working with. Lastly, making sure you have that conversation with the donor on how they would like to be recognized.

Next the panel went forth on discussing challenges and learning how to listen, be quiet and digest what is being said. Make sure to do your homework and show your why. Why should they donate and why should they be involved in this community.

January 2023 Session Recap (4)
Pitching fundraising projects to the panel

After learning the ins and outs of a fundraising strategy, each group then took five minutes to pitch their project to the panel. Each panelist had a set amount of money that they were to donate to each of the groups to anticipate having a winner at the end.

Lastly, to complete our day, a partnership with LDA Alumni, Greater Beloit Chamber of Commerce and Forward Janesville hosted a Nothing but Networking event where we were divided into groups of ten stations to learn and grow different aspects of our networking skills.

Overall, this session gave us insight on developing leadership in new ways and impacting our community in the best way!