February 2023 Session Recap

This post was written by LDA Class of 2022-2023 Team Supper Clubbers members: Felicia Astin, Advia Credit Union; Julie Barreau, Blackhawk Technical College; Fredd Carr, Rock County 911 Center; Nick Fredrick, ANGI Energy Systems; Kerstin Hughes, Community Action Inc.; Chloe James, Diamond Assets; Ryleigh Rose, YLDA- Beloit Turner student.

February’s topics included Marketing and Core Values

Our session kicked off with Eric Kuznacic, owner of Why the Fuss? Technical Solutions, a company that focuses on WordPress website development. Eric shared the difference between branding and marketing and the influence that core values should play in both.

He shared that there are different types of marketing that reach different audiences, and how marketing has advanced largely through technology to become inbound over interruption (one-way) marketing.

Eric identified that core values should play an integral role in creating brand and marketing for a company. He shared some well-known companies’ values and we had some discussion over our own companies’ values and if we feel they are lived out by the companies.

We were challenged to come up with core values for our team or project. They should be what guides our decisions going forward. Here are just some of the values that various teams came up with:

  • Build awareness
  • Build & strengthen relationships
  • Provide opportunity and experience
  • Support youth and community
  • Inclusive
  • Empathy
  • Generosity
  • Responsibility

‘Real Talk’ and Public Speaking

Following our core values discussion, we shared some “Real Talk” issues that some leaders are currently having in workplaces and offered potential solutions. It was eye opening to hear all the different perspectives and ideas that came from the group. It solidified that it is okay to ask others for advice and direction when you feel stuck!

Jamie shared that we will be preparing for public speaking next month. We will all be sharing our leadership journey in a 2.5-3 minute speech. While a few in the group have experience with public speaking, this is a growth opportunity for many!

Learning about our host, ANGI

Before lunch, we heard more about our host, ANGI, and had a guided tour of the facility by two of our LDA participants and a LDA alumni. Jason shared a little history including that ANGI started as a family-owned business around 40 years ago and is now a part of Vontier.

Our tour was very interesting as they shared more about the equipment that they build to compress natural gas to use as an alternative to diesel or gasoline. They are even starting a hydrogen refueling product line that can require up to twice the amount of compression and provides zero-emission vehicle fueling.

We enjoyed some lunch from Qdoba graciously provided by our host, ANGI Energy Systems. They also provided breakfast items, fruit, and drinks for the day. We appreciated all the delicious food and time to talk about our projects.

February 2023 Session Recap
Carrie Kreuger speaks to the class

Using Personal Values to Guide Decisions

After lunch, our next speaker, Carrie Krueger- Life Coach, talked to us about what she does as a life coach and the importance of personal values in guiding your decisions and career goals. She shared that her clients include people who crave accountability, are ready for change, or feel like they need a change but not sure exactly how to pursue it.

She led an activity using Brene Brown’s value assessment. Carrie challenged everyone to narrow our most important values down to three and then select the one that is our biggest driver. While a few of us were able to break it down by the end of the day, some will go home to digest the content more to decide on their primary value.

February 2023 Session Recap
Project groups presented their marketing plans to the rest of the class

Creating a Marketing Plan

For our final activity we worked with marketing professionals to work on and get advice for our marketing plans for our various projects. Adrian Graham- Coldwell Banker, Kim Hesgard- Exact Sciences, Jon Urish- Thrivent, and Amy Carey- Mercyhealth were all amazing resources.

They shared ideas and encouraged us to reach out to others that may help our cause. All of the project teams benefited from the panel when we pitched our projects and marketing initiatives.

While the day was packed with information and resources, it also went quickly! Some groups were inspired and stayed late to collaborate with the marketing panel more or work on their respective projects.