April 2018 Session Recap: Civic Opportunities & Community Service

This post was written by Renee Engen of First Lutheran Church and a member of “Team 12 Hands,” made up of LDA 2017-18 participants. The other team members are Nancy Mandell, Blackhawk Community Credit Union; Jon Tysse, Blackhawk Technical College; Patty Hernandez, School District of Janesville; Sherman Dyer, ANGI Energy Systems; and Melissa McMillan, Prent.

The Venue & Johnson Bank

The last LDA meeting prior to graduation began with a trip to the Venue for pictures and a tour of where graduation would be held. After the quick pictures and tour we headed over to Johnson Bank in Janesville to have a discussion on civic opportunities and how to get involved.

Members of the community meet with the LDA class presenting a panel discussion of civic opportunities encouraging participation. Speakers included Janesville City Manager Mark Freitag, Beloit City Council President Kevin Leavy, YWCA Board member Gerri Downing, United Way Board member Mike O’Brien, Rock County Board member Stephanie Aegerter, and Beloit City Clerk Lori Stottler, who served as moderator.

Thank you to all those who participated for your time and words of encouragement!

Renee’s Take on Robert’s Rules of Order: Linear thinking for the organizationally challenged

Our session about Robert’s Rules of Order couldn’t have come at a better time. Last month my employer suggested I learn about Robert’s to make better use of time on a board for which I am staff liaison. I wanted to table the matter but my boss wasn’t having that. However, I was allowed to postpone the matter until our LDA session.

I’d like to think that I have a creative mind but it’s possible that I’m just lazy in my attempts to organize. Here’s a picture of my decision making strategy:

And a basic infographic of Robert’s Rules:

Honestly, it’s unmerciful to drag an entire committee through my decision making process so I was grateful to be introduced to a far less chaotic and reasonable structure. My board thanks you Sue Connelly. I move to adjourn. Do I hear a second? – renee

Work Day Projects

HealthNet “File Moving”

HealthNet is an amazing treasure for Rock County Wisconsin. Providing healthcare in the form of doctors’ visits, dental care, chiropractic care, prescriptions, and other offerings to people without healthcare or access to healthcare in and around Rock Co.

While showing the LDA movers their office space they informed the group they dispensed over $1.8 million in prescription medication last year. With all the wonderful work comes paperwork, lots of paperwork. HealthNet also takes other types of donations from durable medical devices to single use items. When these important items fight with stored paperwork the space must go to the items for patients.

Several members of the 2018 class of the Rock Co Leadership Development Academy were asked to help HealthNet move some files. It was great to be able to make a positive impact for HealthNet! (Wow, full file cabinets are heavy!)

Humane Society of Southern Wisconsin

Continuing the mini projects, several LDA members came together to help out our Humane Society. We were given an overview presentation of what the shelter does, how it continues financially, how people can help in their mission.

We toured the facility, and then jumped into help the staff catch up on chores, so they could concentrate on getting some much-needed work done. We washed and dried laundry, washed food and water containers, and even the toys that the dogs and cats play with.

It was an eye-opening experience, and Janesville should be very proud of not only having a Humane Society, but also the work that each of the staff and volunteers are doing.

House of Mercy

Six LDA members volunteered at the House of Mercy. The House of Mercy is a homeless center in Janesville that provides short-term emergency shelter to single women and families along with access to housing, job placement, and child care resources. They have 25 beds and are usually filled to capacity with a waiting list.

The group helped out by washing windows in several community areas within the shelter.

April 2018 GIFTS project

Gifts Men Shelter

The Gifts Men Shelter is the only shelter in Rock County that provides shelter and services to homeless men. The mission of the shelter is show Christ’s love to homeless men in Rock County by advancing renewal and hope through Christian effort. They have added a layer of support in an effort to transition these men back into productive, independent lives.

Several LDA members helped out with yard cleanup. They collected over 20 bags of yard waste in the rain.

Boys & Girls Club of Janesville

I enjoyed listening to the staff at the Boys and Girls Club interact with students as the LDA team painted. As I listened I was grateful to be there serving here. The staff does such a nice job with the littles that they serve and care for that painting would have been a misuse of their time!

The team prepped and patched the front desk area and gave it a fresh coat of paint along with a few other painting projects. And we felt grateful for the good work the staff do in the community.